New York Nominated World’s Best Christmas Shopping Destination

Best Christmas Shopping Destination New York

New York  is Place of World’s Best Christmas Shopping Centre:

New York has been rated as the world’s best shopping Safari destination by a panel of expert judges, in a detailed analysis.

The Big Apple beat down strong race from rival cities across the world to achieve an inspiring score of 77% out of a possible hundred, when associated against 35 different criteria.

Travel and tourism specialists debated the petitions of each city, including the range of retailers, types of shopping experience, products available, suitability and availability, likelihood of finding a reduced and the holiday demand of the destination. The availability of last minute flights to New York in very affordable rates with great packages is so much possible.

Paris came a close second with a score of 77%, whilst Hong Kong, with 76 per cent, was presented third place, ahead of Tokyo and Singapore in fourth and fifth places respectively.

European cities were favored in the lower half of the top ten, with Milan, Barcelona and Berlin named sixth, seventh and eighth respectively, whilst the exceptional souks and traditional markets of Marrakesh safeguarded ninth place for the Moroccan city.

Bringing up the rear in tenth place was Dubai, where the glitz and fascination of the city’s colossal shopping malls are measured tourist fascinations in themselves.

As a city that prides itself on continuous innovation and reinvention, New York remains a firm preferred with shopping fanatics from all over the world, thanks to its iconic department stores, stylish boutiques and giveaway electronics, as well as a plethora of world-famous traveller fascinations.

The onset of the festive season simply enhances this city’s magical appeal even further, with Which? describing New York as “the typical Christmas shopping endpoint, with inspiring window displays and periodic markets.”

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