With Exclusion of A380 Superjumbo, Rising Fuel Costs Have Made 4 Engine Planes Out of Work

Lufthansa to Retire New B747-8s Earlier than Planned

Lufthansa to Retire New B747-8s Earlier than Planned:

With the exclusion of the A380 superjumbo, rising fuel costs have made 4 Engine planes out of work.

According to industry publication Aviation Week, Lufthansa proposes to dispose of its brand latest fleet of B747-8s in the 2020s, well before they were originally arranged for retirement.

Normally, a B747 would remain in service with a major carrier for between 20 & 30 years, yet Lufthansa’s fleet of B747-8s (it has nineteen of these craft on order) are still being delivered factory-fresh from Boeing.

Speaking at IATA’s AGM in Cape Town, Lufthansa Chief Executive Officer Christoph Franz indicated that his airline would be ordering twin-engine, but more fuel-efficient, wide-bodied planes like the A350 & new versions of the B777 to substitute the present 4 Engine A340s & B747s in its current fleet.

The news will come as a disappointment to the many readers of online forum who are fans of the B747 on account of its seating strategy & its elegant appearance.

This move by Lufthansa is expected to herald the end of B747 production at Boeing. The Cheap fares of Lufthansa are the one reason why passengers always prefer this airline for them.

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